Witches Brew: Best Haunted Tours In New Orleans!

hauntingsFor a fun filled night of enjoyment, experience New Orleans haunted tours, the most haunted city in the country. Just walking down the old historic streets of the French quarter after dark creates a feeling of uncertainly and apprehension.

Because countless horrid acts have occurred over the years in this city, the essence of lonely and confused souls roam, trying to tell their story. At one stop on Royal Street at a haunted Mansion, the slaves of Delphine LaLaurie are heard by some to scream and cry at night as though still in agony unable to be released from their torturous past.

Or you may experience the ghost of Pere Dagobert, the famous French monk heard singing outside the Cathedral. Then there is the Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, who is reputed to haunt the area. Because of her worship of the spirits of darkness, she was denied a marked tomb on her death. But residents of the city know its location, and leave gifts and flowers at the site of her tomb for favors. This restless spirit is perhaps afraid to cross over to the other side because of her despicable Voodoo practices. There are many other stories to be told, be sure to visit this enticing haunted tour for a bone chilling experience.